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Patient Care at Home Delhi

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Patient Care Services at Home

Our patient care services encompass a wide spectrum of care levels, beginning with essential care provided by medical attendants and physiotherapists and extending to critical care administered by a dedicated team of doctors and nurses. Our goal is to facilitate and support the diverse needs of patients within the familiarity and comfort of their own homes. From the initial stages of screening and diagnosis to the ongoing treatment of medical conditions, continuous monitoring, and personalized rehabilitation programs, we keep our patients well-informed and advised every step of the way. By enabling our patients to remain close to their families in a familiar environment, we aim to expedite their recovery and well-being.

Who needs In-home Patient Care Services?


Post Hospitalization Care

Plan your at-home Patient care services with Zorgers during your loved one's hospitalization stage or post-discharge, especially if you're living far away or if family members are unable take time off from work or busy schedules We at Zorgers assist you with our rehabilitation plan/bedridden patient care plan to help you stabilize and regain physical, mental and sensory functions. . Our regular visits by our experienced team of monitor all patient home care services required and plan the treatment accordingly.


Post Operative Care

For Patients recovering from surgery, the first few days are physically and emotionally challenging. To avoid another hospital stay, Zorgers brings after surgery nursing home care services by offering Urinary Catheterization, change & care, Wound Dressing, Bed Sore Dressing, Oxygen Administration, Injections and IV Infusion, Vaccinations, Ryle's Tube insertion and feeding through the nose, TPN bag within the comfort of your own home. We provide trained attendants to take care of surgical patient, ICU Nurses for Critical Care at Home with support in complete ICU setup within Home.


Palliative Care / End of Life Care

For patients with terminal illness, it becomes painful and stressful to see them going through that stage. Our Palliative Care Services are personalized to help a patient improve their quality of life and the family cope up with everyday challenges of living with terminal illness. With our advanced care plan, we extend palliative care services which involve pain management, administering medication, cooking meals for patients and emotional as well as psychological support.


Critical / ICU Level Care

Call Zorgers for your loved ones who have just recovered from an Intensive care experience at a hospital but the treatment needs to be extended with critical support. Opt for our highly cost-effective ICU at Home care services in cases of prolonged ICU stay, ventilator supported adult and children with Tracheostomy, , etc. We take care of patients on the ventilator for as long as required, extending all the patient home care services that are expected from a regular Hospital ICU at the comfort of your home

day-visit-for-elderly Visits Nursing procedures, Speech Therapy, Doctor Visit etc
day-care-for-elderly Day & Night 6 - 12 hours a Day + throughout Night on Rotation
night-care-for-elderly Live-In Round the Clock Resident / 24 hours Live-in alongside patient

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Various Options under Patient Health Care Services

Zorgers home health care services is a comprehensive care plan supported by various healthcare professionals to render complete and end-to-end care to the patients within the comfort of their own homes. Zorgers team of medical professionals renders healthcare support, based on the patient's medical condition and as advised by the attending doctor.

Get Home Visits for following services in our Patient Care Program

medical-attandant-at-home-for-patient-care Medical Attendant
home-care-nursing-for-patient-at-home Nurse
doctor-at-home-for-patient-care Doctor
physiotherapist-for-patient-care Physiotherapist
Speech Therapist at Home for Patients Speech Therapist
medical-equipment-at-home Medical Equipment

Why choose Zorgers?

Care with Impact

Dedicated towards Care
9+ Years

Dedicated towards Care

Hours of Care Delivered
25 Million+

Hours of Care Delivered

Patients Served Till Now

Patients Served Till Now







  • Zorgers comes with 9 years of experience in delivering excellent care for patients at their doorsteps.
  • Our organization has a team of highly skilled medical, paramedical and Nursing professionals such as patient attendants, physiotherapists, and doctors , who visits you at home and structure the care plan so as to help our patients recover faster.
  • We closely work with patients, families and qualified medical professionals to ensure that any fears and concerns the clients and their families may have are taken care of and they get the right kind of emotional and physical support during their recovery at home.

How to Avail Patient Care Service at Home?

1. Request

Book an online appointment or simply dial 8725024124

2. Response

One of our operations team member would get in touch with you

3. Assessment

Our qualified team would visit you at home and prepare an in-home patient care plan as per assessment and your medical background.

4. Services

Based on the patient care plan recommended by the doctor, services are initiated.

5. Monitoring

Continuous monitoring with routine assessments of patient's health and extended care, if required.

How Zorgers Healthcare is different from others

We are a registed corporate company with recongnitions from Govt of Punjab and Govt of India for Healthcare Startup. Being into healthcare from last 9 years, client satisfaction is the key area where we all work together to provide you quality and hassle free services.

Best Healthcare Experience Registered corporate company (Registered Healthcare Startup under Govt of Punjab and Govt of India)

Best Healthcare Experience Branded and quality product

Best Healthcare Experience Free demo and installation from certified technician

Best Healthcare Experience 20+ employees working for your satisfaction

Best Healthcare Experience 24 * 7 on call support for smooth rendering of services

Best Healthcare Experience ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Professional way to render services to ensure high degree of client satisfaction

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Patient care at home

FAQs on Patient care at home

The Caretaker can perform the following tasks - Semi Medical Care, Skilled Nursing Care at home, Home Physiotherapy, Periodic Check-ups by Home Doctor Visits as well as more specialized services such as End of Life Care, ICU Level Care, Post-Surgical Care.

Yes! We are available and working for you 24x7. You can contact us anytime when you have any queries or need help regarding the patient care service.

You can book your appointment for Patient care at home online or by calling our care helpline number. According to your needs, you can decide your Caretaker, and based on medical advice, a qualified and trained Carer will be appointed for your service.

Yes! we provide short duration visits at home, according to the patient's needs

At Home Care, Patient Services costs depend on the Care you need. It will also depend upon the duration and nature of the services you have requested. The cost would eb shared with you after the assessment of your home care needs.