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Name:Mrs Urmil Mehta



Service Started on:19/11/2018

Medical Condition at The Time Of Start: Catheter care, Nebulisation, Diaper care, Partially ambulatory, Tracheostomy, Neuro problem, arthritis, RT, Bipap, bed support

Clinical Outcome: Reasonably more mobile and active than she was at the time of service taken.

Mrs Urmil Mehta, a dependent senior citizen, was discharged from the hospital in Nov 2018, after 23 days of being in ICU and was totally on bed support.

She had been going through a tracheostomy and also suffered from neurological problems, arthritis, RT and BiPap and was dependent on others to take care of her.

Dr Mehta son of Mrs Urmil Mehta once approached Zorgers via search on the internet and called for our team of counsellors and medical care planners who understood the condition of his mother as well as the care she required.

Our team dispensed the best care plan that suited her condition. A sedulous and committed nurse AMANDEEP KAUR was allocated to take care of Mrs Mehta.

Our caregiver AMANDEEP KAUR works full time seven days with all of her commitment towards Mrs Mehta. She lends a hand to Mrs Mehta with her medications, health, hygiene, daily activities and much more.

It has been almost 2.5 years since we provided our best service to Mrs Mehta and established a bond not as a client but as a family member.

Mrs Mehta has shown great improvement in these 2.5 years in her condition as now she is partially bedridden.

Since 2018 a strong bond between our caregiver and Mrs Mehta has been made which has proven to affect her health positively.

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