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ICU Patient Bed for Rent or Sale

ICU Patient Bed is available for rent and sale in Delhi and near by areas at best price with same day delivery option. These are the electric motorized hospital beds having three functions, controllable through wired remote also known as ICU Hospital Bed. User can incline or decline the back and legs position plus height of the bed as per hospital's comfort. This bed comes with foldable side ABS panel which works as railing to prevent hospital from fall. These type of motorized beds have four sections of bed top on which three cut mattress can be placed. ABS or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a common thermoplastic polymer (engineering plastic) typically used for molding items.. At the time of delivery, our technician will give you the demo and brief idea about the features and functionality.

Monthly Rental:

9,500 - 10,000/-

Buy at:


Available Location:-

Note:- Final Equipment may slightly different from the one shown here in the website.

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Product Details

    General SpecificationsGeneral Specifications

  • Dimensions 285 cm (L) x 98 cm (W) x 61 cm (H)
  • Frame Steel
  • Coating Epoxy Powder Coated
  • Weight 165 kilogram
  • Wheels Available
  • Weight Capacity 300 kilogram

    Safety SpecificationsSafety Specifications

  • Mattress Water-resistant Two Cut Mattress
  • Operation Type Electric through wired remote at Head Side
  • Back Rest Elevation 0 - 70 Degree
  • Knee Rest Elevation 0 - 45 Degree
  • Height Adjustment 420 mm (Lo) - 700mm (Hi) ( +/- 10mm)
  • Side Railing ABS Panels

    Other SpecificationsOther Specifications

  • IV Stand Holder Available at 4 corners
  • Height from Floor Min. 19 - Max. 24
  • Urine Bag Holder Available
  • Detachable No

Happy Clients Feedbacks

  • care
    Gaurav Grover care

    The ICU beds here offer top-notch medical care and a peaceful environment. Our family felt reassured by the professional staff and the availability of essential resources for our patient's recovery.

  • care
    Rohit Bakshi care

    Zorgers offers top-notch ICU beds for sale. I purchased one for my hospital, and it has proven to be reliable and durable. The patient comfort and safety features are outstanding, making it an excellent choice for medical facilities

  • care
    Nikhil Tandon care

    The ICU beds at this facility provided exceptional care and comfort for my loved one during a critical time. The attentive staff and state-of-the-art equipment made a significant difference in their recovery.

Hospital Equipment Accessories

care Over bed table Rs. 3,000 - 3,500
care Foot step single step (Iron) Rs. 1,400 - 2,000
care Foot double step(Iron) Rs. 1,800 - 2,500
care Collapsible Side Rails Rs. 2,800 - 3,500
care Bed Pan (Plastic) Rs. 150 - 200
care Bed Pan (Steel) Rs. 400 - 500
care Commode Pot Rs. 400 - 500

Who need ICU Patient Bed at home?

  • 1Orthopedic Patients

    People who recently went through orthopedic surgery result in poor mobility. Patients with Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement, Spine Surgery, and Road Accident cases.

  • 2Neurological Disorder

    Patients suffering from Parkinson's / Alzheimer's need help to get to the bathroom. Stroke, Comma, or Paralysed Patients.

  • 3Cancer Patients

    People who are diagnosed with cancer and have their chemotherapy going on. Recovery from cancer takes a long time and patients may need basic support because of weakness and procedure impact.

  • 4Old Age Factor

    Elderly have minimal mobility due to old age factor/ weakness. Such people are in much need of hospital beds.

ICU Patient Bed Rental Process

Point 1

Career in Home Health Care
Book ICU Patient Bed for Rent or Sale

Point 2

Career in Home Health Care
Pay Rent & Provide Security
(PDC-Cheque / Cash / UPI)

Point 3

Career in Home Health Care
Initiate ICU Patient Bed Sanitization; prepare for delivery

Point 4

Career in Home Health Care
Initiate Transporation of ICU Patient Bed from Store

Point 5

Career in Home Health Care
Free Installation by Technician on Same Day

ICU Patient Bed

FAQs on ICU Patient Bed

The payment for every tenure is to be done in advance.

There is no monetary deposit. However, in some case a dually signed will be required as 'security cheque'. The same will be returned after the equipment are returned in promised condition.

The additional charges are made in case of mishandling or physical damage. However, any technical faults are taken care by company during the rental tenure.

The customer is required to make a request 1 week prior to the return date. In case of patient's demise, notice period of 3 days is applicable.

The bed will be picked within 48 hours from the last date of use/return.

The hospital beds are designed for one person to rest comfortably. Two people sleeping can make the bed overweight and also can result in discomfort to the patient. For this purpose, we suggest you to consider recliner beds which can comfortably be combined with a traditional bed. For more details visit our page of Patient Recliner Bed

The type of patient bed may vary based on the medical conditions of the patients. However, a air mattress is highly recommended for patients because due to lack of airflow to the skin, bed sores are more likely to develop.

Yes, we do buy second-hand patient beds. Before buying our technician will review the condition of the bed and accordingly the price will be decided.

Yes, we have a wide variety of patient bed mattresses like one-cut and four-cut type mattresses. To know about our complete range call on: 7087602000

Delhi Clients Feedbacks

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