Need In-home Wound Dressing Services

In-home Wound Dressing Services

Do you have a wound that's not healing? Get quality care for such complex or hard-to-heal wounds at Zorgers.

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Wound Dressing at Home

A wound is an injury or a physical damage to the body resulting as a breakdown in the protective function of the skin. And if it is not taken care of precisely, it can result in infections with exposure to bacteria & pathogens.

Suffering from cuts or scrapes is an inevitable part of our day-to-day life. Most of the time, their care is simple. Minor wounds can be easily treated at home by applying sterile dressing or bandage after washing & cleaning to help it heal. But if the wound is deeper than half an inch, probably it won't stop bleeding even after 20 minutes. In such cases, the patient must see a Clinician as proper wound dressing & right care is essential for quickly healing the injury. Here comes the need for assistance of reliable nurses.

From chronic to post-surgical, Nurses at Zorgers provide a comprehensive range of wound care services at the comfort of your own home. Along with treatment & healing of wounds, we focus on overall health of a patient.

Wound Dressings by Home Nurse

drip at home Bed Sore

With the use of antibiotics & cleaning solutions, our expert nurses help you reduce & eliminate Bed Sore infection.

drip at home Wound Dressing

Our well-versed Nurses help you quickly heal your wound without traveling to the Hospital or Clinics.

drip at home Traction Dressing

We help you in recovering your Traction wounds by providing appropriate care.

drip at home Suture Dressing

We examine & take care of wounds with the Suture carefully using advanced aseptic techniques.

drip at home Pin site Care

We help you reduce the infection in patients while carefully caring Pin Site.

How Can We Help?

Our team of Professional nurses is certified and specialized in following wound care services:

Assessments, Monitoring & documentation of
  • Surgical Wound
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Vascular Ulcers
  • Trauma
  • Burns
Wound Dressing Management Educating Patient & Family for wound care procedures & managing Quality Treatment Product Selection
Why Choose Our Wound Dressing Service?
  • Experienced and Skilled Nurses
  • 24 x 7 helpline for any exigencies
  • Quick Service and Affordable wound dressing services
  • Supervised by Doctor on request

Wound dressing at home

FAQs on Wound Dressing at home

Once the initial bandage is removed finally, You can change wound dressing usually one to four times a day. You should be changed when you find that the bandage is wet with effluent.

You can change your bandage every day or sooner, if the wound becomes dirty or wet then you need to keep the wound clean and dry. You can apply antibiotic ointment if the wound dirty.

If the cut is small and its area is not dirty, then you can leave it uncovered. But the wound is dirty or infected more, then you need to cover a wound, it's good to cover them to help prevent infection or reopening the wound.

Cloth dressings are the best commonly used dressings for open wounds and areas of broken skin. These dressings used in all shapes, small coverings to larger ones for wounds across wider areas of the body.

Superficial Wound dressing: Caregiver (like GDA) and Nursing staff.
Surgical dressing, Bedsore dressing, Tracheostomy dressing: Only Nursing Staff can do.