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Name:Pamaljeet Kaur Bhullar



Service Started on:2017-12-02

Medical Condition at The Time Of Start: Conscious, partially ambulatory, not able to walk or eat on her own, ortho related issues which required daily massaging and exercising, Hypoxia.

Clinical Outcome: Reasonably more mobile and active than she was at the time of service taken.

Pamaljeet Kaur Bhullar aged 77 years lives all by herself in Mohali, with children settled abroad.

Pamaljeet was suffering from old age issues and due to her children settled abroad no one was there to take care of her.

Once they approached Zorgers, our team of counselors and medical case planners understood her day-to-day care needs and laid down a detailed care plan.Two caregivers DEEPA and SHIVANI were assigned to take care of her. Deepa and Shivani began working with Mrs. Pamaljeet full-time, seven days a week, and has continued to work with her nearly every day since starting the service. They both assist her in daily tasks of living, maintaining her everyday hygiene, medications, and daily care activities..

Mrs. Bhullar celebrates all festivals along with these young girls, and they have become like an extended family for her. Mrs. Bhullar is extremely fond of dressing up to occasions, and Deepa and Shivani, leave no stone unturned in giving her smiles!

Seeing the positive influence Deepa and Shivani continue to make in her life make us all proud of the services and positive impact that we bring in the lives of dependent elders. They both are the true embodiment of what Home Care Assistance stands for!

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