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Name:Mr. Ranbir Dutt



Service Started on:2015-09-17

Service Ends on:2021-10-31

Medical Condition at The Time Of Start: History of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. The patient had a sudden stroke and since then the patient was not oriented and does not respond to any stimulus.

Clinical Outcome: Quality of life was improved and finally he had a natural death on 31 Dec 2021

Mr. Ranbir Dutt a former pilot and a patient with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Although, Mr. Ranbir Dutt was asymptomatic 4 years back but then he developed symptoms of memory loss and started taking treatment in PGI.

In October 2015 Mr. Dutt had a stroke and since then he lost the proper orientation of his organs and didn’t respond to stimulus.

Mr. Harsh Pandey son of Mr. Dutt was in Canada and couldn’t come home to help his father with his condition and was looking for a company who can provide the best care and manage the condition of his father.

In search of an authentic caregiver, Mr. Pandey on a visit to a hospital came across “Zorgers” via, someone's recommendation. He called upon our team and discussed the condition of his father and personally had a word with the founder of our team Mr. Varun” who assured him and gave him confidence about the services.

By observing the condition of Mr. Dutt our company understood the need and concern of the patient and comforted him with a worthwhile caregiver named “KULDEEP SINGH” who provides his’ best services as a caregiver. He assist Mr. Dutt with all of his work like limb physio, taking medicines and much more without any break.

Unfortunately, Mr. Dutt expired on 31th Dec 2021, but till the time he experienced our services, his family was very happy and satisfied with the services we provided.

Mr.Pandey says “Since I am living abroad with only my mother at home, Zorgers has been a key pillar of support and peace of mind for me".

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