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ECG at Home

When you need ECG Screening?

  • To detect heart malfunctioning To detect heart malfunctioning
  • For monitoring heart treatments For monitoring heart treatments
  • To detect blocked arteries To detect blocked arteries
  • To detect heart muscles/valves damage To detect heart muscles/valves damage
  • To analyse heart rate To analyse heart rate

How We Perform ECG Test at Home?

  • Once you complete ECG Test booking with us, we give you the tentative time slot for our technician visit at your place to conduct the test.
  • Our technician will bring the ECG machine along with him; You need to lie flat on your back on a comfortable table or even bed and restrict your movements.
  • Technician will put small adhesive patches, called electrodes which he/she will attach to your arms, legs, and chest.
  • The attached electrodes connnect to the ECG machine which reads the heart rate and the electrical pulses and represent it into a wave like format.
  • The technician might also ask you to hold breath for a few seconds to conduct the procedure.
  • It is adviced to stay calm and still during the ECG test as the movement can interfere with the final results.

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FAQs on ECG at Home

To book your ECG call 7087602000 and experience safe and reliable ECG services at your doorstep..

Yes, we can provide tele consultation with Cardiologist after the test with additional charges

Yes, special discounts are available for our repetitive customers. TO know more you can call 7087602000

The ECG is painless and takes around 5-10 minutes to perform.

Unlike other diagnostic tests, the results of an ECG test are available immediately post-examination.