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What is Home Health Care?

Home healthcare has a wide range of Medical Care Services that can be given at home for an illness or injury. This includes assisted living for people with disability, Post Hospitalization Medical Care, ICU Care etc. Home healthcare is less expensive, more convenient, & as effective as a medical care in a hospital.

Why should I consider starting a Home Health Care Business?

The Healthcare industry is growing multifold every year. The Global home healthcare industry alone is estimated to exceed 1.4 trillion USD in 2025 and the Indian Home Healthcare, Tele-medicine & Online Pharmacy is estimated to exceed 35 billion USD in 2025.

The Home healthcare business is easy to establish, required less capital and has high returns. This Industry has limited organized player and consumer adoption is very fast. Especially post COVID, Medical treatment at home has become very popular & convenient. Hence, this is the right time to set up your own healthcare business.

About Zorgers Services Story

Who is an ideal fit for this Business?

A Home healthcare business can be run by any professional and this is not limited to a doctor, a hospital, a pharmacist etc.

Why Choose Us?

Get Mentored by India's Leading Home Healthcare Company - Zorgers Healthcare. Get everything readily available to start a fresh Home Healthcare Business in your City.

Cloud Technology

Our state of the art Technology can help you scale faster and reduces your operations efforts by 80%. This includes access to a Website, ERP and Caregiver App

5X Return in 3 Years Time

Low Investment & 5X Return in 3 Years (Our tech solution, ensures you operational excellence & speedy growth without any large team)

Business Know How

Business training, Process documentation, and Hand Holding for initial few months

Digital Marketing

Our 6+ years of experience and proven strategies can help you grow much faster