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Home Nursing Care Services

Looking for Nursing Care plan for somebody critically ill in their own home? Contact us for best nursing care services.

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What is Home Nursing Care?

Home Nursing Care refers to the personal care which one can avail in the comfort of one's own home. Nursing care is a combination of medical care together with emotional care and physical support. You can book an appointment for a home care nurse to get the best care for your patient who is chronically ill, bed-ridden or disabled. Also referred to as private nursing care, it's usually long-term care planned with the support of medical professionals and nurse aides and all required medical equipment and medication. Home nursing services include medication, injections, treatment and monitoring of other health-related problems.

How to avail nursing care at home?

You can avail home nursing services in a few easy steps. Just reach out to our team and we will further help you with all arrangements for availing nursing care at your own home. You can reach us through any of the following ways:

Our nursing care planner will discuss and visit you to access the current medical condition of your patient. Our nursing team further helps you with the recommended private in-home nursing care plan which is customized as per the nursing need plus your home setup.

About Home Nursing Service

A visiting nurse can provide you with various nursing treatments in your home. Our home nurse are skilled and professionally trained to handle treatment in the comfort of your own home. A licensed nurse or registered nurse is qualified to carry any of the following treatments:

To know about services in more detail; check our home nursing services program. Read More
  • Tracheostomy Care and Oral Suction
  • Management of Urinary Catheters / pipes
  • Medication administration
  • Injections (IV / IM)
  • Dressing for injuries, wounds
  • Diabetes Management
  • BP and Vitals Monitoring
  • Oxygen Management
  • Bathing, Skin and Hygiene Care
  • Ventilator Management

Cost of at-home nursing services ?

Cost of nursing services will depend primarily on the level and duration of care. The cost of a single visit starts from 200/- rupees can go as high as 5000/- for one day. But like mentioned it varies based on the frequency of private nurse visits, duration of care and the nursing treatment. Feel free to reach out to us and we will upfront communicate you the cost of the nursing services based on the plan you choose

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What Our Customers Say

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    My father suffered from dementia and also he was handicapped with his mobility after he met an accident. The nurse Zorgers sent us was patient and responsible. She cared for my father and demonstrated kindness and respect for him at all times. It would have been very difficult or impossible to take care of my father since both me and my wife work. The nurse was both efficient and kind and I always believed my father was being taken care of with thoughtfulness and concern. Thanks to the professional, compassionate caring of everyone in your organization, my father was able to transition from this world to the next just where he wanted to be: in his home, with his family.

    Dr. Shruti