Who said
aging has to be a
lonely business?


When was the
last time you
showed you care?

When was the
last when the elders
in your family partied
their hearts out?


Life is too short to regret. Make today worthwhile. Every happy moment is a memory. Memories to cherish forever. If you have read this far, it means you care for your elderly parents or grandparents. Why not tell them? They have always been there for you through thick and thin. Let us thank them and tell them we love them. Elderly care is of the utmost importance. Making their day special is the least we can do.

Although old age causes a slower pace, this period of inactivity need not be problematic. Zorgers tries to enrich the experience of humanity by helping you make them feel special.

Everyone's life has always been hectic. Our mundane routine and loads of responsibilities hardly let us pay attention to our loved ones. Zorgers, the Caregiver, a team of skilled professionals, is there for your rescue. It is the little things that matter.

Are you planning a party? Expert party planners at Zorgers are there to help you throw the best party ever. Setting a party theme is the very first and most important task. There is an entire portfolio of services to choose from.

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Special Theme Party

Retro Style

It is the time to make the night nostalgic. Time for everyone to re-visit the olden and golden days. Recalling old times is always fun. Dig in and collect all the pictures and videos you can find. The rest will be taken care of. Get your costumes ready to step back into the 60s.


Bollywood Style

A party starts even before it starts. A theme allows guests to engage actively on the day and can spark great enthusiasm beforehand. Tap your feet on the Bollywood numbers. The fusion of young adults and elders is altogether a new level.


Picnics/Family get-togethers

Looking for a cozy yet memorable event? You have selected the perfect low-key theme. All the nears and dears will gather without creating much clutter. Elders hardly get an opportunity to venture out. Organize group activities and let everyone participate in games such as carrom, damsharas, antakshari, etc. Make sure to take a hamper filled with hot tea and snacks/lunch.

Make an Impact

"Try to leave the earth a better place than when you arrived." - Sidney Sheldon


Plant a tree

Save Mother Earth. Save your only source of oxygen. Contributing to the health of the planet is a remarkable way of celebrating that particular day.


Celebrate in old age

No one in this world can replace your parents. Bring smiles at an old age. Come one, come all. Sharing your happiness will only make your celebration more cheerful. Distribute/donate to the needy at the old age homes.


Donate an organ

"The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation" - Peter Marshall. No donation is as great as an organ donation. It makes a significant impact on the recipient's quality of life. You have the power to donate and change lives positively.


Donate medical equipment

"The greatest GOOD is what we do for one another." - Mother Teresa. One may also opt to donate a piece of medical equipment. It can be as small as a BP machine. The size of the equipment doesn't matter, but the smiles do.

Religious Gatherings

India is a religious country, and so are our gatherings. Our ancestors prefer religious conventions over loud parties. Let us explore this further


Mata ki Chowki

Elders often seek inner peace and tranquillity. The divine blessings from Goddess or Deity are most preferred. You may plan this pious religious activity, and all friends and family could take blessings from the goddess Durga.


Sukhmani Sahib Path

Sukhmani Sahib's purpose is to bring peace of mind. It helps remember the Creator. Any pooja/gathering always needs love and devotion. These and more such gatherings can be planned and carried out. For more details, contact Zorgers.

It is never too late to have a good time. Seniors can still be the main attraction at a party, and throwing a party for the elderly is a fantastic way to honor and love them.

A theme party is an excellent way to bring families and friends together and communicate with one another. Pick an appropriate theme from among these and have fun with the elderly, so they feel cared for and accompanied.

One day you will leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember. You never need only a single day to celebrate life.

Elderly Engagement

FAQs on Elderly Engagement

We have a variety of options available to celebrate. Based on your choice we can organize a theme party, family picnic, or any kind of religious gathering, etc.

Our page is especially dedicated to people living away from their parents and wishing to make their parents happy on their special days. We can organize special events for them customized according to your needs without you worrying about anything.

We can arrange a live video for you to enjoy the live celebrations with your parents on their birthdays and make them feel special and loved.

Yes, we can plan retirement parties customized according to your needs.

The basic cost may start from around 40k, but it totally depends on your celebration and customization.

We have a wide range of wheelchairs. Based on your budget and preference we can make the arrangements and arrange the donation.