What is Elder care Plan?

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When it comes to affordable yet effective care of elder patients, our caregivers can fulfill their daily needs and requirement. The elderly care service covers all the important requirements including the physical, mental and social needs. Whether it’s personal hygiene, mobilization, bathing, and feeding or involving patients into some activities for mental care, then our caregivers provide them all services.

Irrespective of the condition the caregivers provide the high standards of the care as required by the patient. Elderly Care Plan also includes the doctor, nursing and physiotherapist visits at home.

What is Eldercare Plan?  


We have a specialized plan for elder patients who need care at home can avail of this service. We are blending the art of Companionship and Assisted Care, Zorgers is providing the care for your elders especially Elderly family members of migrants, patients that need extra care and assistance (eating, bathing, and toilet) or with a specific medical condition. Elderly care plans especially cover Old Age Care, Dementia Patient Care, Parkinson Patient Care, and Paralytic Patient care.

Elderly care service covers the important needs of elders including physical, mental and social activities. Caregiver performs the following some tasks for your loved ones, are:

  • * Hygiene & Cleanliness
  • * Prepare Meals & Food
  • * Doctor’s Appointments
  • * Electronic Monitoring of Vitals
  • * Oral Medication Administration
  • * General and Grocery Shopping
  • * Visiting Religious points, family events
  • * Provide Companionship

When do you need Elderly Caregiver


  • * Dependency in old age: When patients highly dependent on the other person for their daily tasks like bathing, eating food, changing clothes. A 24×7 requirement is fulfilled by us.
  • * Elderly with long-standing disease: A chronic patient who is suffering from disease like diabetes, dementia of hypertension is at high risk of medical complications.
  • * Elders living alone: When some old people living alone and there is a gradual probability to acquire mental disorder is high.


Services Offered


Elderly Caregiver – Up-to 12 Hours’ Day Care

This is especially for the elders who need care in a day or night activities. The caregiver is available for your loved ones to assist them in daily living activities like bathing, toileting, getting dress up, feeding or walking, etc. The elderly may be in a bed-ridden or semi bed-ridden state.

Elderly Caregiver – 24×7 Clock Care Plan on Resident Base

This is especially for elderly people who need care for the whole day long. The caregiver is available for the whole specifically when there is some worse medical condition that need a minute to hour monitoring.

Elderly Caregiver – Multi visit Eldercare Plan

This special care can opt when the special or regular visits are required especially for the medications or the monitoring or in the early hours when bathing is required.

Why Zorgers staff


  • * Well trained staff
  • * Affordable prices
  • * Back up caregiver
  • * Trained to polite
  • * Flexible plans
  • * Regularity
  • * Authentic and Verified
  • * Can handle the versatile task
  • * Best caregivers in the region


How much you have to pay?


We don’t call it a business, we call it a relationship. We have flexible plans (not negotiable) to make it a fair policy for you and our service providers. The price ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs 700 depending upon the requirement and time coverage. Our plans are range from daily to monthly durations. You can contact us anytime with the details of the patient and the type of service required.


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