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ICU Care at Home

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ICU/Critical Care at Home

Our ICU care at home provides specialized support for cancer, stroke, neuro, and end-of-life care. Experienced and professional nurses use advanced medical equipment for comprehensive monitoring, ventilator support, and medication management. Trust us for high-quality, compassionate care that enhances recovery and improves patient outcomes.

Patient centric approch

ICU Setup at Home

ICU Equipment Setup at Home

Doctor at Home

Doctor supervised care plan

Nursing Supervision

Regular visits by nursing supervisors

Care by Experienced Nurses

Care by Experienced Nurses

Lab and Diagnotics at Home

Lab and Diagnostic at home

Emergency Helpdesk

24 x 7 emergency helpdesk

Doctor Visit at Home

On demand doctor's home visit

Doctor Supervised Care Plan

Highly professional intensivists are made available where they closely monitor the condition of the patient and provide their expert advice. Frequent visit as and when required are also facilitated for proper counselling.

Regular Visits by Nursing Supervisors

Nursing Supervisor who are specialized in intensive care visit at home and closely take care of the important day to activities like oxygen supply, ICU protocol compliance and much more. They provide guidance to the family members and supporting staff as well.

Care by Experienced Nurses

Regular medication, recording of vitals, change of tubings are usually core activities that take place in ICU. A highly experienced nurse takes care of all these at home which makes the treatment hassle free and minimizes the risk of disease aggravation or relapse.

ICU Equipment Setup at Home

Before patient discharges from hospital, our medical equipment team initiates work on ICU Setup under the guidance of Doctors and Nursing Team. We ensure fully functional ICU setup at home before patient reaches home.

Lab and Diagnostic at Home

Lab tests and their collection of samples can easily be done at home itself. The lab tests are scheduled, and home collection can be done for better monitoring and compliance of the treatment. The home collection can easily be scheduled via phone call.

On Demand Doctor's Home Visit

During the home consultation, there are instances where doctors are required. During the emergency conditions, we facilitate the doctor's visit at home. The doctors with different specialization provide their consultations.

24 x 7 emergency helpdesk

A dedicated team who is available 24 x 7 to respont to your calls and help you in all the possible way.

How we onboard and manage ICU Nursing care at home

Step 1

Medical Assessment by our Nursing Team

Step 2

Consulting with Doctors to Prepare Care Plan

Step 3

On Boarding and Documentation Formalities

Step 4

ICU Setup at Home by our Team of Technicians

Step 5

Hospital to Home Transfer and Stablization of Patient

Step 6

Elaboration of Patient Diagnoise and Care Plan to Home Nurses

Step 7

Create Medical Group on Whatsapp for Fair Communication

Step 8

24 x 7 Care and Monitoring by Nursing Team

Step 9

Visits and Tele-Consult by Nursing Supervisor / Doctor

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Who should think about ICU care at home

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Palliative / End of Life Care
Low Cost Nursing Home
Low Cost Nursing Home or Care
Cancer Care
Cancer Care
Neuro Care
Neuro Care
Accident Cases
Accident Cases

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About Zorgers Home Nursing Services

  • nursing care

    Reduced Re-admissions and personalized

    Availing home care nursing is best known to reduce trips to hospitals for trivial nursing procedures like medication and help prevent further injuries to the patient during the recovery like in case of patient fall. There is always somebody around when your body is unable to cope with the daily chores.

  • Reduced risk of Infections

    Reduced risk of Infections

    Prolonged hospital stay has its disadvantages of being exposed to infections especially when in critical care units. In-home nursing care can help person to prevent getting exposed and can turn to be very effective and cost effective.

  • companionship


    Personal Care is an important benefit of hiring home nursing services as it's only your loved one who is being attended to. An in-home nurse can help in daily living activities and can be a good companion to your patient and help keep them engaged and happy.

  • medical-support

    Decisive Medical Support

    Nursing care at home is best when appointed under the supervision of your family or attending doctor. We always help you appoint a doctor for periodic supervision and routine check-ups and help you with the decisions for well being of your loved one.

ICU Nurse at Home

Our Services In-home near You

Usually reputed insurance companies cover home ICU services under the claim. However its purely subject to the terms and conditions of service provider. We facilitate the documentation if required by the insurance company.

Usually the package includes the equipment and staff charges. The costing of consumables are charged separately from patient to patient.

The hospital transfer to home is provided with minimal extra fee subject to the consent to hospital authorities.

All the Equipment are quality before their installation. There is also periodic on-site check if availed for longer period.

All the staff members undergo interview and verification of their track record. Usually, all the members like senior doctors and nurses have their established repute in the industry.

Home ICU can cut down per day cost upto Rs 15000 per day depending upon the facilities availed.

We not only provide best cost, but also provide additional services like bed sore management, physiotherapy and diet tips to the critical patients. In addition to medical team, the equipment's can be availed by same agency.