Old and Living Alone? India’s new home healthcare has good news for you.

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Home healthcare has its roots since long in western countries. Home healthcare is known to have emerged because of early hospital discharges, declination in the availability of beds in the nursing homes and a rise in a number of diseases and an increase in patient count in the hospitals. Besides all home healthcare is far more cost-effective than in-hospital treatment.

Although in west insurance covers up even home care expenses. But healthcare at home services in India is just booming up over the last few years and insurance companies are yet to share any such norms. This issue is already being raised at the industry level, and soon some alliance with the insurance companies is expected which can cover up all at home healthcare costs. It can actually turn out to be an entire game-changer in the healthcare market.


What does Home healthcare mean?


Home healthcare brings all the quality healthcare services at your doorstep. It is a unique and innovative modification in the healthcare sector. It involves highly skilled professionals like doctors, nurses, lab technicians, etc, who can visit at your home to help you with the medical treatment. It can be as effective as a visit to the hospital and is hassle-free.

Medical attention and personal care are required by each member of the family at times. But nuclear family trends and working professionals find it hard to cope up with the occupational as well as health requirements especially after any postoperative procedure, or childbirth, etc.

The home healthcare services are easily available in the form of portals like Zorgers. As, per the statistics, the Indian healthcare market is $100 billion, out of which home healthcare has its share of $3.2 billion approx.

The home healthcare in India is setting miles each day by introducing things like ICU at-home solutions. The need for reaching tier II and III regions by enabling easy treatment availability at the comfort of the home.


Why is there a need for home healthcare services?


Besides, several advancements in the Indian Healthcare market the crippled statistical ratio of 1 doctor for every 1,674 patients. Every individual is not getting the appropriate treatment which has led to this virtual system of healing. Home healthcare is booming since it does not require investing in further increasing any more hospital chains and instead utilizes most of the established healthcare industry.

By providing most of the healthcare services at the comfort of the home it not just reduces the expense of the hospitalization but also makes the client more comfortable being at the home.

Home healthcare is convenient and hassles free way of preventing hospital crowd and minimizes certain risks of catching more infections while coming in contact with more people like an in-hospital visit. A doctor or a caregiver can periodically visit at the patient’s doorstep and treatment is given within the comfort of the home.


The Indian healthcare system has been in transition for years for achieving several advancements. Currently, India has nearly 1 million allopathic doctors for the entire population of approximately 1.3 billion people. So, the challenges of acute healthcare infrastructure shortage lead to this improvisation in the healthcare industry of offering various at-home services.

The home healthcare system in India is currently flourishing from its budding stage. As per CyberMedia Research’s analysis, done in 2016, the home healthcare industry at nearly $3.20 billion and expected to grow immensely and reach $6.21 billion by 2020. Although, the numbers can only be assumed for a country like India, with its huge capacity and potential these numbers can greatly increase.

The need for elder home healthcare is increasing every single day and so does some of the challenges which are still under the process of fixing stages. But awareness and acceptance are the base for the growth of home healthcare.

The time has already reached a stage of urgency and its right for home healthcare to actually catapult in India. Since the hospitals are overstretched mainly in the critical and personal care segments. A study was done by the ICMR, it revealed that India accounts for nearly 20% of the global disease burden. Which in turn is merely 6% of global hospital beds and touches an 8% share for doctors as well as nursing staff.

Moreover, with a crunch of doctors and nearly 40% of the hospitalized patients suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc. It makes the hospital over occupied but now home healthcare helps in managing such cases at home and hospital beds get available for several other patients.

Also, taking care of family health, especially elderly people or the ones suffering from any ailments becomes easier with home healthcare. It even remains economic over the pocket of the client and provides a range of different services like doctor consultation, skilled nursing care, postnatal home care, physiotherapy, and elderly care, etc all at the comfort of the client’s home.


Home healthcare building up in India today and it’s future by 2030


  • India is considered the second-largest among the geriatric population in the whole world. Being home for nearly 87.6 million people above 60 age group.
  • Home healthcare is taking the best possible care of all elderly woes.
  • The home healthcare market is expected to grow in India at a CAGR of 18% approximately and will touch the US $6.2 Billion by 2020 and hence tremendously expanding more by 2030.
  • Covering all horizons home healthcare is going to be a sure shot success formula in the future.
  • Every year India gets more than 1.7 million new cases of cancer and since it’s a long-term treatment, so it actually needed a holistic approach which home healthcare has given already.


Besides, tremendous growth rate in-home healthcare it is still facing some challenges every single day, like:


  • Home healthcare services are widely distributed in nature. This means that the network of healthcare professionals must be quite large; which is upcoming at its slow pace not able to meet the demand.
  • Government regulations and support in the healthcare space is largely unclear and is looked from the perspective of hospitals. Though home healthcare is by its nature different.
  • The home healthcare industry going through a drastic technological revolution. Learning new gadgets and applications takes a little time, patience, and money in the form of investment.



Support from the Indian government and private sector for home healthcare


The Indian government, we believe, is quite aware of the state of healthcare in India where the per-capita spend on healthcare is somewhere the lowest. The government is waking to the fact of doing more through its recent programs like ‘PMJAY’ which is dubbed to the largest healthcare program in the world.

When it comes to home healthcare, the government is still a few measured steps. We do find some mentions in the government policies related to home nursing.

Indian Government has also made good efforts towards training people through various training healthcare-related National Skill Development Council (NSDC). This is helping healthcare companies more skilled candidates for building their healthcare ecosystem.



Elderly living alone


Elderly Home healthcare services help in taking care of elderly parents, grandparents. It ensures everything is taken care of in terms of health, and well-being. Home healthcare can help an elderly person especially the ones who are disabled and/or living alone in helping things as a caretaker or it can also help coordinate a doctor or a nurse for a home visit when required. A visiting nursing professional can help in giving medications to the client, in preventing unwanted falls, post-procedure care, and faster recovery.

Several specially customized packages are available for geriatric care involving constant support to the elderly by the physical and emotional way in their own space. Different services like medical care, nursing support, physiotherapy and many more are offered by home care service providers as per the hourly need.

Several conditions can be effectively taken care of by home healthcare like chronic diseases, recovery from illness, Alzheimer’s or dementia, coping with aging challenges, etc.

Organized home healthcare is the best way to opt for medical help and treatment from the comfort of your own home. A portal like Zorgers is making things easier with health just a few clicks away.












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