Special Home Nursing Care for IV Antibiotics!

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Patient care is not just confined to hospital stay but it has reached a wider aspect today. Nursing services at home are available for people who either are unable to care for themselves or do not have someone around all the time to help them.


What is home nursing care?


Home nursing care is that aspect of nursing which includes the best of the services like medication care, injury care, or even post-surgery care and all of these are provided within the comfort of the patient’s own house by a professionally qualified nurse. This helps the patient to recover soon because timely and proper dose administration of medications is very essential in quick healing and recovery with taking care of proper diet.


Home IV treatment is a way for you or your patient to receive IV medicine without being in the hospital or going to a clinic.


The private nurse is easily available these days and is just a click away. This can help in dealing with a situation of post-surgery care at home with ease. After surgery, a patient is susceptible to several different infections so postoperative care is very important and during that most important is the administration of prescribed antibiotics.


Why You Need IV Medicines at Home?


In a lot of cases, a person is kept on IV Medicines as per the recommendation of Doctor and that is when a private nurse is hired to administer it.


* You may have started IV antibiotics during hospitalization which is sometimes continued at home after you leave the hospital.

*In cases of infections in the lungs, bones, brain, or other parts of the body, these are prescribed

*Treatment for hormone deficiencies

*Medicines for a severe level of nausea that cancer pregnancy or chemotherapy may cause

*Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) (this is IV medicine that patients give themselves through a pump under the supervision of nurse)

*Chemotherapy to treat cancer



Why hire a Nurse for Antibiotic Therapy at Home?


nursing-care* A nurse is professionally trained to deal with patients of all ages especially elderly patients. They bring in a lot of expertise and the following benefits to your home.

* A touch of empathy along with care fosters a collaborative relationship between a nurse and a patient.

* It helps the elderly patient to have faith in a nurse and have an optimistic approach towards recovery.

*Private Nurse ensures that the patient eats medications and food timely without much reluctance in several cases.

*Under continuous vigilance and care of a Nurse, several infections can be avoided by their proper guidance

*It even further helps to avoid unnecessary hospital visits and even hospitalization due to post-surgery infections.


Postoperative care requirement varies from case to case depending upon which surgery has been done. However, besides wound care and pain management, antibiotic therapy regime is the most important factor which governs the chances of infection.



The appointed Nurse watches out for certain problems  :


*Any harm to the skin or tissue if it occurs as fluid or medicine can get into the tissue around the vein in the hole where the IV cannula is injected.

*Any Swelling of the vein which can further lead to a blood clot.

*Any sort of blood vessel blockage caused by a bubble of air, which can travel to the heart or lungs and getting negligent with such issues may lead up to heart or breathing problem

*Any other serious reaction to the medicine or allergy can be an issue as well.


Some patients after the surgical procedure,  during recovery, cannot care for their own selves. Also, some elderly people suffering from mild to severe memory dementia might forget to take timely medications especially antibiotic therapy, then again a visiting nurse can help to combat such a situation with ease.

Our health care at home services is available 24 hours a day. If there is any problem with the IV, you can call Zorgers for help.



Post-procedure antibiotic therapy importance?


An antibiotic therapy helps in preventing all sorts of post-operative infections. The dose and frequency might vary depending upon the surgery a patient underwent. A normal post-operative antibiotic therapy might vary from 5 to 7 days of therapy and it is suggested to take medications, injection at home under proper medical guidance and assistance of nurses.


Appropriate follow-up care is as important as home care after procedures. So reaching out for an affordable nursing care regime of antibiotics is the best way these days where our busy professional schedules might limit our priorities for our loved ones. So booking a private visiting nurse in your absence can help not just the one under the healing process but to you as well, to be stress-free since all medications will be taken care of. These at-home patient care services are available at very affordable prices and are just a click away with Zorgers!



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