Patient Safety at Home

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Patient safety is an important part of the nursing care regime which aims mainly to prevent every avoidable error to prevent any possible chance of harm to the patient. Several different requirements of the patients can be taken care of by a home patient attendant in the form of a nurse.Normally, patient safety is taken care of by every hospital during hospitalization by the staff containing doctors, nurses and other paramedics. But now many such services are available as patient care at home.


At home, patient care services are making healthcare more reliable and effective. Accidental falling or slipping happens during the recovery period and it may happen because of carpets, wet floors, dim lights, sudden dizziness, etc. A patient attendant applies best of his or her medical knowledge for monitoring and helping the patient in every aspect from daily chores to giving medications, preventing any sort of falls, and even helping in performing recommended exercises at times. This makes at home patient care easier and also relieves the stress of the loved ones.


Patient falls are very common and quite overlooked these days which cause further injuries especially in elderly patients. But nowadays we can have support of patient caretaker at home, who helps with their best of knowledge to ensure physical and psychological support for the patient.


Tips and techniques to ensure physical safety of patients 


  • Preventing falls with keeping bed position right!


1. A nurse remains just at the bedside of the patient to ensure every small need of the patient is taken care of and bed is at lowest height possible.


2. They make sure that wheels of bed are locked before they get up from it.


3. The breaks must be left on at all times.


4. Keeping the rails up restrains patient in bed and using pillows on sides can help a great deal too if it’s a regular bed at home.


Avoids cases of roll away of wheelchairs


preventing patient falls can be done by using wheelchairs properly and avoiding roll away from the wheelchairs. It is essential to lock the wheelchair’s brakes and move the footrests aside to prevent any hindrance while making the patient sit on it. Finally, the gait belt must be fastened to the patient before shifting from the bed to the wheelchair.


Ensures they feel better before walking 


While getting up from the bed a patient must be given sufficient time to sit up on the side of the bed, like taking a minute or so to prevent sudden dizziness. Hence, this helps in preventing secondary falls during sudden stand-ups from a prolonged reclining position. A cane or some support must always be used by the patient while walking to prevent a trip.


Keeping objects away from floor and bed


further trips can also be prevented by keeping the floor clear from obstructions like any cords, rugs, or any sort of litter up. This is especially taken care of during at home nursing services. This helps in preventing some serious injuries like bone fractures in the arms, hips, ribs, and skull, etc.


Getting Home Nursing Services for Patient


A nurse’s top priority is to provide quality care for their patients with safety and Patient care at home service can be availed easily nowadays as per different requirements like from few hours to days or even months. This service can also opt for the care of the patient on a ventilator because it would require a 24×7 monitoring which a qualified nurse can do even at home. For bedridden patients, at home patient care becomes mandatory in cases when other family members are working or occupied. This only helps in sooner recovery or at least minimizing any further complication of the condition.


Psychological safety of Patients


Imagine a healthcare system that’s designed to put patient first! Rare right?
With physical health and safety, it’s equally important to look patient in the eye and talk with a relief expression and smile on the face. That brings their psychological safety as major need of the hour during whole healing process!


Focus on patient’s experience not service


would you trust someone who comes to take care of you with no emotion, no connection, no empathy? Even if the doctor’s visit these days, they take most of their time in documenting and suggesting tests. The result being- Services win but patient loses! As per WHO in 2018, India has 1 doctor for every 921 people, which explains the amount of workload on them and that is where the Nurses comes in the picture and takes care of patient’s mental well-being!


Allow to speak independently


Become ears to all their words, whenever they wish to share about their pain. Raising discussions and having healthy conversations can lead to patients feeling valued and gives them emotional support. Say things such as “I understand,” or “Tell me more.”


Patient perception


Sometimes expressions in a Patient’s eyes reveal more than what they actually want to say! Respect all of the beliefs your patient holds, even if you disagree with them.


Distract patient


Feels strange right, but yes! Distract them from their current situation and talk to them about their past healthier or happy days. Even while giving them an injection, take their mind off it.


Put their needs at first


Putting their pain, their fears, anxiety and their suffering first to medical science is what gives them mental satisfaction that they are in the right hands.


Why is there a need for patient safety? 


  • 1. Patient safety is an essential requirement for an effective as well as efficient health care system. Sometimes post-surgery especially in elderly patients extra care is required 24×7 to prevent any sort of fall injuries mainly fractures of arms, hips, ribs, and skull. Such major fractures cause a real complication and delay of recovery.


  • 2. In many cases, it is not convenient to take the patient to the hospital for every small thing like changing any bandages so it can also be taken care of by home medical attendant.


  • 3. Everyone including the doctor, nurse, and even the loved ones of the patient look for the same outcome. The health of the patient is one main thing for all, so getting patient care services within the comfort of your own home is the best.


Let’s not compromise with mental and physical wellbeing of patient and let’s help them heal by appointing patient care at home.

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