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Rs 1,55,000 Rs 96,000/- 38%off


10% offfor 2 month
15% offfor 4 months
20% offfor 6 months
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EVOX 109 Wheelchair a cutting-edge mobility solution with electromagnetic brakes for secure stops, a convenient regular foldable design that ensures portability, and a remarkably lightweight build. The cushioned seat and Bluetooth-enabled joystick enhance comfort and control, while the automatic foldable feature, coupled with a wireless remote, adds unparalleled convenience. Its ergonomic design caters to both indoor and outdoor use, providing a stable and smooth ride for users seeking a versatile and reliable wheelchair experience. Price vary according to customisation (wheels, mattress, railings etc)



  • Dimensions :- 63 X 37 X 75 cm
  • Type of Chair :- Electromagnetic brake
  • Material :- magnesium Aluminium Alloy
  • Remote :- On/off,oystick,lift,right,up/down,horn button
  • Weight Capacity :- 47 kg
  • Climbing angle :- 10-13
  • Joystick Controller :- 360 angle
  • Max Speed :- 20-25 km
  • Battery :- Lithium
  • Net Weight :- 50-27 kg
  • Weight bearing capacity :- 140 kg
  • Back Rest Dimensions :- 43 X 40 X 3 cm

    careSafety & Comfort

  • Front Wheel :- 8 inch
  • Rear Wheel :- 12 inch
  • Driving range :- 20-25km
  • Speed :- 0-6 km/h
  • Seat Width :- 16 cm
  • Turning Radius :- 60 cm
  • Turning Radius :- 60 cm
  • Charging Time :- 4-5 hr


  • Foldable :- Yes
  • Phone Holder :- Yes
  • Cup Holder :- Yes
  • Travel Beg :- Yes
  • USB :- Yes
  • Light Module :- Yes
  • Cushion colour :- Yes

Benefits to Patient

  • Remote control Effortless on/off, joystick, and directional commands.
  • Fix controller on either side for convenience.
  • Flip-up armrests for easy entry and versatility.
  • Supreme comfort with a luxurious and supportive cushion design.
  • Enhanced convenience with dispatches and foldable footrest for easy storage.

Wheelchairs Accessories:

care Wheelchair Cushion Rs. 2,500 - 3,000
care Commode Pot Rs. 400 - 500

Buy v/s Rent

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    Rental Period - The time period for which the Evox Wheelchair 109 would be rented is the most important factor. But, it is unfortunate that often the length of need of Evox Wheelchair 109 is unknown and we can't assume how patient's condition will progress.

  • 2

    Resale Value - How much of the purchase amount can be recouped from a resale of the Evox Wheelchair 109 once there is no longer a need.

  • 3

    Frequency of Service / Repair - If you don't want to involve in the maintenance of Evox Wheelchair 109 , we suggest you to take it on rental basis. The Evox Wheelchair 109 is fully maintained by us as long you are available the services. The complete maintenance and service will be done by us only without any extra charges.

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    Try and Buy - Purchasing a hospital Evox Wheelchair 109 for your patient at home can be a big investment. Many of our clients like to try the Evox Wheelchair 109 on rental basis before making up their mind to buy it as long-term solution. This is the best way to invest on big items like Evox Wheelchair 109 by first trying it.

Evox Wheelchair 109 Rental Process

Step 1

Online Request
Order Evox Wheelchair 109 on Rent

Step 2

Payment Mode
Submit Rent & Security
(PDC-Cheque / Cash / UPI)

Step 3

Evox Wheelchair 109 Sanitized before Delivery

Step 4

Same Day Delivery
Initiate a request for Same Day Delivery

Step 5

Free Installation and Demo
Installation & Demo by Technician, 24X7 call support available

Evox Wheelchair 109

FAQs on Evox Wheelchair 109

The payment for every tenure is to be done in advance.

There is no monetary deposit. However, in some case a dually signed will be required as 'security cheque'. The same will be returned after the equipment are returned in promised condition.

The additional charges are made in case of mishandling or physical damage. However, any technical faults are taken care by company during the rental tenure.

The customer is required to make a request 1 week prior to the return date. In case of patient's demise, notice period of 3 days is applicable.

The bed will be picked within 48 hours from the last date of use/return.

Yes, we can take the wheelchair anywhere according to our needs. We have a wide range fulfilling every requirement according to person.

Yes, we have a special kind of wheelchair designed to carry heavy-weight people. You can discuss the requirement at the time of rent / purchase.To know more call: 7087602000

No, the new wheelchairs are designed without air tubes so you don't have to pump them to fill the air.

Yes, we have the try-and-buy option available with us. You can take the wheelchair on rent and buy the same later after the trial.

Most wheelchairs can't be taken into the toilet and you must consult our experts before buying to get the right advice. We have a narrow wheelchair option available with us to solve this problem. To know more call on 7087602000

Yes, we do buy second-hand wheelchairs. Before buying our technician will review the condition of the bed and accordingly the price will be decided.

Yes, we have wheelchairs designed according to Indian toilet needs.

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