About Caregivers

Are you suffering from any chronic disease? Do your loved ones require constant monitoring? Do your elders need assistance with daily living activities? or Have you recently undergone surgery? If yes, Zorgers is the one-stop solution for all your caring needs. Our in home caregivers provide the utmost care to your loved ones in the comfort of your own home.

There are several instances when your loved ones need constant attention & require compassionate care to heal rapidly after surgeries, chronic diseases etc. Though, there comes a time when you need a helping hand for your parents. However, most of our elders prefer to live in the privacy & comfort of their own home. Caregiving for elderly on your own takes you away from work, school & other responsibilities. Helping you to get back into your daily routine & serving you ease, we bring a companion to your loved ones in their taxing time. Whether you require health care for ill, elderly or disabled, our caregivers for home care best understand your unique requisitions & deliver quality, personal & compassionate care to your loved ones – making them comfortable & happy.

With our prime motive to preserve dignity & quality of life, we support your loved ones in enhancing mobility, maintaining hygiene, feeding, helping with day-to-day activities & much more.

Ensuring the comfort of the patient, we serve you with the professional caregiver – that just right fits your specific needs. Although, we provide specialized training to our caregivers to help them understand the special care to be given in sensitive conditions.

    The Primary benefits of hiring our caregivers:

  • Compassionate Care in the comfort of your own home
  • Caring & Dressing Wounds to promote the healing process
  • Monitoring Blood pressure & other vitals
  • Vaccination At Home
  • Injection & IV Fusion
  • Reduce Hospital Visits
  • Provide dignity & independence to patients
  • Assist with daily living activities: personal hygiene, grooming etc.
  • Personal grooming

Who can you hire as a Caregiver?


nursing caregiver

Our nursing caregivers provide physical, mental & emotional support to the patients requiring acute home care – helping them heal quickly.

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Medical Attendant

medical caregiver

Experienced Attendants – also called as Caregivers – assist the patients in their daily needs and requirement in the comfort of their own home.

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elderly caregiver

Trained & professional caretaker for best care & assistance in day to day living activities; bringing dignity & peace of mind to your elders.

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doctor as caregiver

Our Doctor visits at home provide medical treatment avoiding the mobility and waiting issues for you and your loved ones.

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physiotherapist as caregiver

Whether you are injured while playing or living with Chronic pain, our Physiotherapists help you heal fast & regain mobility as early as possible.

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caregiving by nanny

Stepping in right from the pre-delivery period, Nanny takes care of very little ones; be it newborn babies or toddlers along with assisting Mother.

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caregiving by babysitter

Ensure healthy mental, physical & emotional growth of children in the absence of their parents along with the support for household chores.

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24x7 Care
  • Day Care
  • Night Care
  • Resident Care
  • Visits

Our's are Reliable Caregivers

Along with the requisite qualification, our licensed, certified & credentialed caregivers are experienced in providing extreme care as per your unique individual needs. Although we verify them merely with their ID Proofs for ensuring your entire safety & satisfaction. Whenever we send a caregiver for you, we mail the complete details & verification proofs to you for your fulfillment.

  • nursing-care-for-elderly Background Verification
  • nursing-care-for-elderly Police Verification
  • nursing-care-for-elderly Aadhar Verification