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Trauma Care At Home Panchkula

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Trauma Care At Home in Panchkula

Trauma care refers to medical care provided to individuals who have sustained physical or emotional injuries as a result of a traumatic event, such as a serious accident, violence, natural disaster, or other life-threatening events.

Caring for a trauma patient at home can be a challenging and stressful experience. Zorgers can help you to provide the necessary support and care for the patient's recovery at the comfort of home.

What we offer in Trauma Care at Home

  • Wound care Wound Care
  • Pain managementPain Management
  • Physical therapyPhysical Therapy
  • Occupational TherapyOccupational Therapy
  • Medical equipmentMedical Equipment
  • CompanionshipCompanionship

Why Home Care is Important for Trauma Patients?

  • hospitalizations

    Avoid unnecessary hospitalizations

    Unnecessary hospitalizations of trauma patients is very common, most of the hospitalizations of trauma patients can be avoided.

  • independence

    Strengthen the patient's will-power to retain his or her independence

    Our team of nurses and attendants ensure better physical and mental health of patient by accomplishing them in day to day routine.

  • healthy lifestyle

    Ensuring doctor's guidelines are being followed by the patient for a healthy lifestyle

    Whatever doctor is prescribing and recommending to patient is very important to follow to keep risks away from them. Our team of caregivers ensure you the best support with their skills and experience.

  • emergency situations

    Managing acute emergency situations

    The common medical emergency of trauma patient is part of the natural history of the disease. Patient need someone along to handle such situations and we are expert in this.

Trauma Patient Care At Home

FAQs on Trauma Patient Care at Home

A trauma center is a medical facility that is specifically designed and staffed to provide immediate, specialized care to patients who have suffered a traumatic injury. Trauma centers are equipped with the necessary resources and personnel to handle life-threatening injuries and emergencies, such as severe burns, head injuries, and multiple fractures. Trauma centers typically provide intensive care and specialized surgeries, as well as rehabilitation services.

On the other hand, trauma care at home involves providing medical care and support services to patients who have suffered from physical injuries, such as wounds, fractures, burns, or head injuries, in the comfort of their own homes. This type of care is provided by trained healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, and physical therapists, who are able to provide specialized medical care and support services in the patient's home. Trauma care at home may include wound care, medication management, rehabilitation services, pain management, nutritional support, and emotional support and counseling.

Yes, we have doctors from trauma centers, emergency department of hospitals associated with us. Based on your patient's requirement we can arrange doctor visits at home.

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