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Holter at Home

When is an holter test required?

  • To detect a fast or slow heartbeat To Detect a fast or slow heartbeat
  • Weakness or fatigue Weakness or fatigue
  • Feeling out of breath Feeling out of breath
  • Chest pain Chest pain or discomfort
  • A flapping sensation in the heart A Flapping sensation in the heart

Holter Test procedure in Panchkula

  • Once you complete Holter Monitoring booking with us, our team will give you a available slots to choose from ; our technician visit at your place to configure the holter machine at agreed time.
  • Our technician will bring the holter machine along with him; technician will attach the electrodes to your chest and the wires attached to electrodes to a small portable recording device. In case of female patient, kindly ensure the presence of a male guardian to monitor the configuration.
  • Follow your daily routine activities as usual while wearing a monitor but do not take shower while using this device.
  • You need to wear this machine along with electrodes for 24 to 48 hours to capture all the records.
  • Our technician explains how to keep track of your activities and symptoms. Keep a note of all the symptoms that happened and what you were doing.
  • At the end, our technician will come to remove the device and electrodes.

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Holter Test at Home in Panchkula

FAQs on Holter Test at Home in Panchkula

Yes, you can pee and exercise with the Holter monitor on. However, you should avoid activities that may damage the device or interfere with the recordings, such as swimming or contact sports.

Yes, it is advisable to do daily tasks while wearing the device so we can get real time readings.

If the Holter monitor falls off or becomes loose, contact our technical person for instructions on how to reapply it or whether it needs to be replaced.

Try to sleep on your back with the recorder positioned at your side so the electrodes don't pull off. If the recorder light flashes, one of the electrodes or wires may be loose. Press on each electrode to make sure it has solid contact with your skin.

The results of your Holter monitoring test typically come in within 3 to 12 hours after the completion of the test.

The Holter monitoring test is a non-invasive procedure and is generally considered safe. However, there is a small risk of skin irritation or allergic reaction to the adhesive electrodes.