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Nursing Care - Ambala

Looking to Hire Private Nurse to take care of somebody critically ill? Contact Zorgers for experienced home care nurse.

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Typically, Zorgers local team helps you appoint the following as part of its home nursing care in Ambala area with following plans:
  • Skilled and qualified home care nurse for day or night or resident / live-in basis
  • Periodic Doctor Visits for monitoring and assistance to home nurse
  • Periodic Physiotherapist, Speech therapist visits
  • Medical equipment setup like, Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Oxygen Concentrator / Oxygen Cylinder, Oral Suction machine, nebulizer, Wheelchair, Walker etc.

    Nursing Care Services available in Ambala

    Following is the list of the home care nursing services in Ambala; available at your doorsteps:
  • Nursing Care for ICU Patients

    If have someone who is no longer in his critical phase but still requires constant monitoring and intensive care, Zorgers helps setup a fully functional ICU in home by providing a team of Critical Care Nurses and medical equipments in all cities adjoining Ambala area. The whole approach is to provide expertise of hospital in comfort of your own home in cases such as ofprolonged ICU stay, ventilator supported adult and children with Tracheotomy.

  • Post-surgery Care

    Our team of after surgery care provides the support needed post operation such as re-dressing wounds, preventing infection ,bathing, dressing, wound care, medical examinations, managing dietary needs with medications , all at your own home so as to speed up the rehabilitation process for both patient and family members.

  • Injections and Antibiotics

    Avoid long queues, waiting hours and traffic jams. Get your vaccination done such as H1N1, HPV Vaccine, ID, IM, IV, subcutaneous injection etc on a call by Private Nurses in Ambala.

  • Wound Dressing

    As your wound needs relief to promote its quick healing, we save you from exertion and infections by providing in home wound dressing to help you heal burns, surgical wounds, bed sores, traction wounds etc.

  • Catheterization

    If you need Male or Female Catheterization at home, give us a call and hire Nurse within a few minutes. Let us take care of your Catheterization needs in convenience of your own home by providing medical equipments and expertise, so as to avoid any discomfort or injury.

  • End of Life Nursing Care

    We understand that people approaching the end of life require high quality care, but in their own home environment. To ensure qualitative hospice and Palliative Care, we provide medical, physical, psychological, social and spiritual support to your loved one and to your family as well in that difficult stage.

Who You can appoint for nursing services at home in Ambala

We help you to decide and appoint any of our following staff for visiting nurse services for patient:

Zorgers also helps you hire private nurse for home and even during your stay in hospital. If you are getting treated from PGI Chandigarh, Fortis Mohali, Alchemist Panchkula, or any other hospital or nursing home; you can reach out to Zorgers for additional nursing support. You can even plan your nursing care before your discharge from hospital and book an appointment with our care planner before your patient’s discharge to ensure timely support for nursing care at home in Ambala.

What Our Customers Say

  • patient-care-at-home

    Hired a nurse for medical assistance for mu father who got operated a week back. Many thanks to Zorgers for timely response & professionalism that they showed throughout the difficult time. Keep doing the good work.

    Sheetal Katal

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