What is home health care?

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Home health care involves a variety of healthcare services available in the comfort of your home. Most of them are either required after some injury, surgery, or chronic illness.

Home health care service usually turns out to be more convenient and sometimes economical than the one available during hospitalization.

Nowadays many reliable portals and websites are available online with all the applicable assistance.


Which services can be availed under home health care:


1.  Surgical wound care or dressings

2.  Intravenous injections

3.  Respiratory Care

4.  Daily Nutrition intakes

5.  Patient care service involving health monitoring and updating the concerned doctor about the health status time to time

6.  Elderly nursing service


What to expect from your home health care service provider?


To begin with, the care orders of the doctor are required. Once the doctor approves for a home care service, a representative from home health agency will conduct a face to face meeting with you to understand your needs so that they can customize and also answers all your concerns.

The home care agency staff will keep the doctor informed about every change in health and update about progress status as per a fixed reporting cycle post discussion with the doctor.

It is very important that the home health care service providers adhere to doctor’s orders and visit you as often as the doctor asks them to.


Which services does the nursing home care attendant provide?


1.  To keep a check and assist you in what you are eating and drinking.

2.  To monitor your heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and breathing.

3.  To ensure you do not have any pain and in case you do it is immediately reported to the doctor.

4.  To ensure your in-home safely from all sorts of falls and accidents which can happen during daily chores.

5. To enable you by teaching ways of taking care of yourself and managing things safely.

6.  To set proper coordination by communicating with your doctor and your loved ones who look after you and are worried about your care.


The main goal of home care service is to provide all the patient care services at the comfort of the home. It helps the person to heal and recover early in compare to recovery in the hospital.

The home care staff is always professionally trained and possess the required skills to ensure 24×7 patient safety.

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