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Home Nursing Services for Critical Care

Experienced and Expert Nurses for ICU care and set up right at your home with Zorgers!

Treatment ICU Nurse can do at home?

Let us help your patient recover safely in an environment where you are comfortable and relaxed. Get our ICU expert and trained nursing staff for following services and get who set up of ICU at home with hospital like care:

Monitor detailed reports and records
Record symptoms and changes in patient's conditions
Evaluate diagnostics tests
Document patient's treatment plans or plan revisions
Modify patient treatment plans as indicated by patient's response and conditions
Administering IV fluids and medications as per doctor order
Monitor patient's fluid intake
Monitor diet and physical activity
Providing advanced life support
Urine Catheter Administration
BiPAP / CPAP Administration
Intravenous (IV) cannulation
Nasogastric feeding
Nasogastric Insertion
Tracheostomy Care
Bed Sore Care
Enema Procedure
Assess patient's pain levels and sedation requirements
Prioritize nursing care for assigned critically ill patients based on assessment data and identified needs
Assess family adaptation levels and coping skills to determine whether intervention is needed
Acting as patient advocate
Providing education and support to patient families
Assessing GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) to determine level of consciousness
Taking regular blood tests
Recording the patient's blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels
Clearing fluid and mucus from the patient's chest using a suction tube
Turning the patient on bed after every few hours to prevent sores on the skin
Cleaning the patient's teeth and moistening the mouth with a wet sponge
Washing the patient in bed
Changing a patient's surgical stockings