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Hip-Replacement Jalandhar

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Hip replacement is major surgery and requires dedicated care and precaution post-hospitalization. After the surgery, most of people experience pain and discomfort because of very limited movement. We, at Zorgers Healthcare, ease your recovery post-surgery to regain strength and movement through our special package which includes physiotherapy, at home dressing and medical equipment set up to minimize your pain and to help you recover fast.


Post Hip Replacement Package - 20 Days

  • Equipment for Walk Support Medical Equipment for Walk
  • Qualified Nurse at HomeDressing by Qualified Nurse at Home
  • Physiotherapy20 Days Physiotherapy by Expert Physiotherapist (BPT/MPT) at Home
  • Assisted Chair for Natural CallAssisted Chair for Natural Call
  • Dressing MaterialAll Dressing Material & Ointment's to be provide
  • Emergency Support24x7 Care Planner Contact for Emergency Support
  • Tele consultation1 Followup Tele Consultation with Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Medical Attendant/Nurse10% Discount on Additional Services like Medical Attendant/Nurse

Post Hip Replacement Surgery

FAQs on Hip Replacement Surgery

After Hip replacement surgery you will definitely feel some pain but your surgeon and his / her team will do everything possible to keep it manageable and minimal. When you leave the hospital, the doctor will give you pain relief medication as pills or tablets. After recovery, your hip should be significantly less painful than it was before. However, some people continue to have hip pain for many months after their surgery.

After your surgery, a physiotherapist will help you with exercises to strengthen your hip to take body load, get out of bed, and ultimately learn to walk on your own. Most people are discharged from the hospital 3-4 days after surgery. After you return home, physiotherapy will continue regularly for several weeks. You also have to ensure hygiene and surgical dressing of the hip well on time. If you feel a lack of family support during this period at home, you should think of a full-time medical attendant or nurse who can take care of medical care as well as daily needs.

After the surgery, you will not be able to move on your own for the initial few days. To overcome this situation, medical equipment are required like a walker, wheelchair or assistance chair for the natural call. In the absence of such equipment medical risk is on the higher side.

After recovering fully from hip replacement surgery, you can walk as much as you want, can climb upstairs and downstairs, can go swimming, can do cycling and even can ride bicycles, two-wheelers and other sports activities.

You can go for a shower only after getting the go-ahead from your surgeon because you need to keep the incision dry. But a sponge bath will feel heavenly when you get home. Secondly, about driving, you can usually start driving within 3 to 6 weeks following hip replacement surgery. However, you will need to make sure that you are no longer taking any pain killer medicines that affect your response time. About sex, it is a question every patient has but avoids asking. This can be especially awkward if it is your parent or elders that has had a hip replacement and you are accompanying them to a doctor's appointment. Check with your surgeon to be sure, but it is usually safe to resume sexual activity 6 weeks to two months following a hip replacement. Remember, listen to your body before doing any activity post-surgery!

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