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The BiPAP Noah Sleep 30ST is a non-invasive portable ventilator with a 4.3-inch high-resolution colorful screen with an easy-to-operate touch screen and a highly flexible navigator knob It is convenient for home and traveling due to its lightweight (1.26kg). With noise levels less than 30db it becomes the first choice of user. The ventilation modes of Noah Sleep 30ST are CPAP, S, T, ST, and VGPS with IPAP and EPAP of 6-30hPa and 4-25hPa respectively.



  • Mode :- CPAP,S,T,ST,VGPS
  • Weight :- Main unit :0.82kg with humidifier: 1.26kg
  • IPAP :- 6-30hPa
  • EPAP :- 4-25hPa
  • Min IPAP :- 6-30hPa
  • Max IPAP :- 6-30hPa
  • Target Tidal Volumn :- 200ml-1500ml
  • Res. Rate :- 10BPM / 5-40BPM
  • Ti Min (Sec.) :- 2s(Backup frequency) /0.3-4s
  • Trigger and Cycle :- 1-6
  • Monitoring Parameters :- Pressure, Tide Volume, Minute ventilation, respiratory rate ,Leakage

    careSafety & Comfort

  • Oximetry Accessory :- Optinal
  • Dry Drying Technology :- Yes
  • Auto On/Off :- Yes
  • Noise Level :- < 30 dB
  • Screen Size :- 4.3 Inches Color TouchScreen


  • Therpy Data Storage :- Yes, Sd Card
  • Adaptor AC input :- 100-240 V, DC output : 24V
  • Water Tub :- Yes
  • Travel Bag :- Yes

Respitory Equipment Accessories:

care Cpap Filter Rs. 250 - 350
care Nebulizer Rs. 1,800 - 2,500
care Nebulizer Rs. 1,200- 1,500
care Ventilator Hose Pipe Rs. 2,000 - 3,000
care Bipap Mask (NENIV) Rs. 2,500 - 3,500
care Bipap Mask Rs. 2,000 - 8,000

Buy v/s Rent

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    Rental Period - The time period for which the Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP would be rented is the most important factor. But, it is unfortunate that often the length of need of Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP is unknown and we can't assume how patient's condition will progress.

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    Resale Value - How much of the purchase amount can be recouped from a resale of the Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP once there is no longer a need.

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    Frequency of Service / Repair - If you don't want to involve in the maintenance of Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP , we suggest you to take it on rental basis. The Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP is fully maintained by us as long you are available the services. The complete maintenance and service will be done by us only without any extra charges.

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    Try and Buy - Purchasing a hospital Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP for your patient at home can be a big investment. Many of our clients like to try the Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP on rental basis before making up their mind to buy it as long-term solution. This is the best way to invest on big items like Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP by first trying it.

Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP Rental Process

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Online Request
Order Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP on Rent

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Payment Mode
Submit Rent & Security
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Step 3

Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP Sanitized before Delivery

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Same Day Delivery
Initiate a request for Same Day Delivery

Step 5

Free Installation and Demo
Installation & Demo by Technician, 24X7 call support available

Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP

FAQs on Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP

The payment for every tenure is to be done in advance.

There is no monetary deposit. However, in some case a dually signed will be required as 'security cheque'. The same will be returned after the equipment are returned in promised condition.

The additional charges are made in case of mishandling or physical damage. However, any technical faults are taken care by company during the rental tenure.

The equipment will be picked within 48 hours from the last date of use/return.

The rent will be negotiated for the long duration use.

Common side effects of using a BiPAP or CPAP machine may include dry mouth, nasal congestion, and skin irritation. These side effects can usually be managed with proper mask fit, humidification, and regular cleaning.

Yes, at the time of Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP handover / delivery, our technician will assist you with settings and daily take care steps.

Yes, we have try and buy option available for our customers. You can get the more details about this from our sales expert at the time of Evox NoahSleep30ST BiPAP booking.

It depends upon company to company of machine. Typically, a CPAP or BIPAP rental package will include the machine, tubing and humidifier.

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